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What to expect

From Our Members

You should expect a warm and friendly welcome at the door and a family atmosphere when you walk into the church building.  If you have young children we have nurseries staffed by our experienced volunteer staff.  Sunday mornings bring classes for all ages and walks of life.  From 4 years old to 104 years old we have you covered. Check out our different Sunday School Classes!  Each teacher loves the Lord and will teach from God's Word.  Our members will help and encourage your walk with the Lord and our desire is to be available if you ever need us. 
If you are visitor during our 10:45 morning worship time a friendly usher will give you a card to fill out so that we have record of your attendance.    This will give us a chance to get to know you a little better and send you a thank you gift in the mail.

From Our Church

Our church is a growing church with the desire to grow together in grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Our church has a vision for our community and for our world.  We have several outreach programs designed to reach the lost and bring them to Christ.  We have an expanding mission's program that is reaching all around the world with the gospel message.  Many times throughout the year we have age appropriate activities designed to increase the unity and fellowship of our church members.
Our church is striving to move forward in our vision for the Lord.  We invite you to join in with us as we pursue the vision that God has given to Pleasantville Baptist Church.

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