Our Purpose

Our purpose first and foremost is to please our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  This is our ultimate purpose as we direct the ministries of PBC.  We want to glorify Christ in our community, our region, and ultimately throughout the world.  This purpose affects everything we do, from conducting our services to handling our ministries.  We are striving to pass this purpose on to our church members, teaching from a biblical perspective what our purpose on this earth as a born again believer should be. 

POTTER, AJ & Karis; Trent, Seth, Ashlynn

Pastor A.J. Potter

Pastor Potter is the senior pastor at Pleasantville Baptist Church.  Called of God and by the church in September of 2009, he and his family have watched God glorify Himself through their faithfulness to the Lord.


Blair Anderson

Blair is the main teacher of the 1st - 6th graders at Pleasantville Baptist Academy.  Blair graduated with an Elementary Education degree from Commonwealth Baptist College in Lexington, KY in May of 2012.  Blair has been on staff since the summer of 2012.

Barzon, Joshua & Laura; Tessa.jpg

Joshua Barzon

Joshua Barzon serves as the teacher in our

7th - 12th grade Abeka video school at Pleasantville Baptist Academy.  Joshua graduated with a Bachelor of Theology from Fairhaven Baptist College in Chesterton, IN in 2016. Joshua and his wife Laura have been on staff since the summer of 2017. They have two children, Tessa and Emma

Muldrow, Stephen & Kellie; Nora.jpg

Kellie Muldrow

Kellie serves as the church secretary at Pleasantville Baptist Church.  Kellie graduated with a Church/School Secretarial diploma from Fairhaven Baptist College in Chesterton, IN in May of 2013.  Kellie has served twice as Church Secretary at PBC: from 2013-2017, and beginning again in June of  2018 after she, and her husband Stephen, moved back to Iowa. They have one daughter; Nora.

Miller, Randy & Vicki.jpg

Pastor Randy Miller

Pastor Miller started the Barnabas Ministry in 2016.  This ministry involves filling the pulpit, as well as seeking to encourage pastors in their ministries. Pastor Miller has over 34 years of pastoral experience.  If you would like to have him visit your church or fill the pulpit, please call 515-848-5887.    

Our Staff
Our History

Pleasantville Baptist Church began in November of 1975 when Pastor Terry Stueck, who at that time, was a home missionary with F.B.H.M (Fellowship of Baptists for Home Missions), had a burden to start a church somewhere.  He, along with a pastor friend, Pastor Archie Veltman of Des Moines, began surveying the area to determine where to start a work.  After checking out Pleasantville and the surrounding area, they felt there was a need for an independent fundamental Baptist church in Pleasantville.  Pastor Stueck held a week of meetings in the Memorial Building located on the square in downtown Pleasantville.  On the Sunday following that week of meetings, the first Sunday service was held.  That was the Sunday before Thanksgiving of 1975.  It was decided there was sufficient interest in starting a church in Pleasantville, so regular services continued, being held in the Memorial Building.  January 1, 1976 was set as the deadline for Charter membership in Pleasantville Baptist Church.   Since Pastor Stueck was a missionary with F.B.H.M. and that was a mission board of the GARBC (General Association of Regular Baptist Churches), the church started as part of the GARBC.  When Pastor Stueck and his family moved to Pleasantville, he purchased a home at 608 South Columbus Street with approximately four acres.  Shortly thereafter he gave the church two acres for a building site for the church


The next pastor was John Rhoades.  After about two years, he proposed we shut down the church and give the property on South Columbus to a camp.  He resigned, and the church voted not to close down.


In 1980, Pastor Wayne Murrow returned within the area after having been in a church in Hawaii, so we asked him if he would come and help the ministry.  He agreed, and subsequently, the church called him to be the pastor.  Under his ministry the church grew and a building was constructed on the South Columbus property.  The church voted to withdraw from the GARBC.  Pastor Murrow left in November of 1984 to start a church in Bondurant, Iowa.


Pastor Randy Miller was called to Pleasantville Baptist Church in February, 1985.  He served as Pastor until April 22, 1989.


In November of 1989 the church called David Nuckolls to be the pastor.  He had some plaguing health problems, but kept a busy schedule.  The main thrust of his ministry was soul-winning.  John O'Neal became Assistant Pastor under Pastor Nuckolls.  The church purchased a one-room building from the school and moved it onto the property near the church for more classroom space.  When the East Elementary school building came up for sale, the church submitted a bid of $5,501.00  Being the only bid made, the building was purchased.  The church building and the property on South Columbus was sold.  Nearly all the work of remodeling the school building was done by people of the church.  July 1, 1993 we moved into the school building, with much work yet to be done.  Pastor Nuckolls was able only to preach a few times in the "new " building.  He died September 5, 1993.  John O'Neal was voted as interim pastor while the church searched for another pastor.


The church called Brien Deverick as pastor in February of 1994.  John O'Neal moved to Indiana to attend Bible college.  Pastor Brien Deverick served as Pastor until October of 1995.


Bill McSpadden was voted in as pastor and came on April 14, 1996.  He served for just over twelve years , his last service being June 8, 2008.  During his ministry a Christian school, Pleasantville Baptist Academy, was started.  The church also acquired a radio station KPBC-fm.  Approximately eighty acres of land was purchased as a future building site south of town on Hwy 92.  Donald Buchner served as assistant pastor with Pastor McSpadden.  In the spring of 2009 Donald Buchner resigned in order to serve at a different ministry.


The current pastor, A.J. Potter came in September 2009.  This is his first pastorate.  He resides in Pleasantville with his wife, Karis and four children.  Karis is the daughter of Randy Miller, our former pastor.