The Church With A Heart For People!

The Church With A Heart For People!

 Join us for a Sunday or Wednesday Service!

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Monthly Calendar:

June 3

Love In Action projects for
Pleasantville Pig Out

June 3
Nursing Home Ministry

June 4
Promotion Sunday

June 10
Kennedy/Beal Wedding

June 15
BCM Tour Group

June 17
Super Soul-Winning Saturday

June 18
Father's Day

June 19-23
Junior Camp Week

June 29
Canvas for Grace Baptist, Waukee


Sunday Services:

Classes for All Ages @ 9:45 am

Morning Worship @ 10:45 am

Master Clubs @ 4:30 pm

Teen Time @ 5:15 pm

Evening Family Service @ 6:00 pm

Wednesday Services:

Prayer and Bible Study @ 7:00 pm



Soulwinning @ 9:30 am


Pleasantville Baptist Church

430 Highway 92

Pleasantville, IA. 50225

(515) 848-5887




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